Ealing and Northfield

Ealing Labour’s vivid fantasy life

This tweet from the Ealing Labour party shows that the Ealing Labour party has a vivid fantasy life.

Ealing Labour ain’t doing nothing. The council is spending residents’ money on a worthwhile project that was conceived and pushed forward by the previous Conservative administration after extensive consultation with young people to find out what they wanted in the way of recreational facilities. The choice to spend your money on this project was a Tory choice, not a Labour one. Indeed Labour politicians went into bat against the original scheme in Elthorne Park in spite of 61.9% of local people being in favour of the scheme. As a result of Labour’s machinations the scheme has been delayed by 18 months.

Labour’s press release says:

Ealing Labour is delivering on its promise to deliver a new skate park in the borough. Work has begun to build the borough’s first ‘state of the art’ skate park and play area alongside Gurnell Leisure Centre. The outdoor play area will be ready in time for the school summer holidays.

Labour Leader of the council, Councillor Julian Bell said: “This is an exciting project and the new development will give children of all ages an opportunity to get involved in all types of outdoor sports and activities. We hope the new park will give local people and visitors a lot of pleasure and the chance to try something new. It shows that when the Labour party makes a promise we stick to it.”

Bell is yet again trying to rebrand Tory choices to spend your money on well researched projects that benefit residents as Labour projects. Compare and contrast with the unwanted, unresearched and unecessary £5.5 million Southall car park project.

2 replies on “Ealing Labour’s vivid fantasy life”

I think a majority of Southall wanted a car park? Not sure where the ‘unwanted’ came from.

If i was asked whther I wanted a car park in Acton, no doubt many from Southall would state its unwanted too



When I see some evidence that the council has done any market research or traffic studies to back up this massive spend I will maybe change my opinion that this car park is unwanted and unnecessary. The council has little room for manoeuvre on spending. To commit so much money without any research is simply bad government.


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