Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Evil Tories?

Ken Livingstone and his campaign are all over Wandsworth and Bexley councils over their plans to charge for specialised playgrounds. In the Wandsworth case it is a fully manned adventure playground and in the Bexley case it is water play. Wandsworth are talking about charging at weekends only. Bexley are looking unlikely to act at all.

Labour voices are making it into to some kind of moral question. It is not. People have to pay for council swimming pools and leisure centres. Indeed Labour boroughs trying to balance their budgets have proposed closing adventure playgrounds. Most people would rather pay than have nothing.

Hilariously Harry Phibbs, who covers local government for ConservativeHome, has discovered that Labour Islington council charges during lunchtimes for its adventure playground. Is Islington evil? I don’t think so.

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