Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Another year of this nonsense

Ken Livingstone is getting ever sillier in his language. At the start of May he likened Barack Obama to a “mobster”.

On Tuesday when he travelled to Bromley he called Eddie Lister, the former leader of Wandsworth Council, “the beast of Wandsworth” and “the Ratko Mladic of local government.”

Livingstone has a track record of calling people Nazis or fascists. It is all very colourful. It is a sure sign that he is losing the argument. Silly old fool.

2 replies on “Another year of this nonsense”


Don’t underestimate Ken.

Even Boris has a silly fool Bullingdon hair style!

All I know about Wandsworth is that it has the lowest Council tax. If you want something then you pay for it. I imagine the rude reference was to butchering services.

Hey wait a minute! What’s happening here?



I don’t underestimate Ken Livingstone. In 2008 he increased his first preference voters by 30%. He is talking rubbish though right now.


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