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Those evil Tories again

Ealing’s Labour housing supremo and Islington council housing officer, Cllr Withani, seems to be happy that the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) is trying to use the legal system to overturn the will of our elected government, see article here.

Apparently CPAG is challenging the national cap on the Local Housing Allowance (LHA), paid to tenants in the private rented sector, and a restriction preventing payments exceeding the cost of renting a four-bed home, regardless of household size. Does anyone remember CPAG going for judicial review in April 2009 as a result of Labour’s James Purnell limiting LHA to the five room rate following from the Acton Afghan case? Labour limits LHA and it is OK. No comment from Cllr Withani and CPAG. The Tories do it and CPAG are off to the courts. Agenda anyone? Oh yes! Don’t expect Withani to be tweeting an explanation anytime soon.

One reply on “Those evil Tories again”


If it’s the same judge Collins as I once knew then the DWP and government will have a run for its money.

If this government does not want to build housing on a major scale (this time outside London) as happened after the Second World War up and until the end of the 1960s’(without very much money in the bank) but it wishes to displace people from their homes, then it deserves to lose.

This was a policy change on the hoof to satisfy the Daily Mail readers. Even Boris strongly objected and obtained a reprieve. The policy should have been introduced more slowly and in phases. That is why CPAG did not go after Purnell.

Not only do we have properties out of reach of the thirty somethings who wish to settle and have families but now we are told rents are rising rapidly. Tories have constantly relaxed security of tenure and rent controls since the old Rent Act 1957 in favour of landlords. The impact like Reaganomics was unforeseeable but now the landlord rules.

So now we have limited security for where people live and little control over how much rent they pay.

That is an immoral situation in this present housing market. I hope the highly respected CPAG wins and we have an NHS moment for reflection.


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