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10% of Ealing Southall learning English

Virendra SharmaI just saw on the website that Ealing Southall’s rather low output MP, Virendra Sharma, has raised himself to ask a question in Parliament. See here.

He was interested in the number of people receiving English for speakers of other languages classes in the 2005-2010 period. No doubt he will want to complain about reduced availability of these classes in future.

There is a golden rule with asking political questions. Make sure you know the answer in advance!

I don’t know if it is fair to simply add these numbers over the five years but if you do so you get to 8,660 people learning English for speakers of other languages. The 2001 census population for the constituency was 89,175. You could argue that 10% of the population was learning English.

On the one hand it is great that so many people are taking the opportunity to improve themselves but on the other the answer underlines the huge change to our society implemented by New Labour. I don’t remember their asking for our permission first.

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Fascinating post in the Forum on the Ealing Today Website today – Friday 29th- (which means it will probably get deleted, like me, from it!) however, is it true, that the Sharma of your post here, Council Leader Bell, and the Major have been playing hookey from the economic crises in Ealing to help organise and fund this party in Ealing’s Southall? Do you have any idea of how much of Ealing Council’s money has gone into this (not just in terms of cash, but also council officer time, etc.), and also why this event has no references to it at all in Ealing Council’s PR operation? Why all the subterfuge? Why nothing in the Ealing Gazette, or indeed Ealing Labour Group’s blog the Ealing Rose?
Ps I really enjoyed the wedding on TV.

Ealing Today Forum Message
Topic: Guest what? Labour apparatchiks officially party in Southall (all hail the coming car park))
Posted by: Marc Races
Date/Time: 29/04/11 20:44:00

While Royal Wedding celebrations in most of Ealing have hardly attracted any backing or interest from the council it is clear that the Southall area of Ealing is being “loved in” by Ealing’s Labour glitterati – no doubt something to do with the unnecesary Southall car park. As residents are stunned by the cuts to disabled centres, mental health day centres and the libraries, Labour Council Leader Julian Bell, Labour MP Virendra Sharma, and Labour Mayor of Ealing Rajindra Singh Mann helped organise parties in Southall this week!
All three helped organise the event with MP Sharma devoting a lot of his time recently to helping put the dance events together. Clealry the impact massive cuts in Ealing have a lesser priority than partying! Their participation was kept quiet and no prior publicity put out by Ealing Council to the press. No doubt it would be too embarassing for Councillor Bell and the Labour Party that Southall was to have “official” celebrations, but nowhere else in Ealing (strange that, isn’t it
To quote The Economic Times today (which scooped the Ealing Gazette, of course): “The fairytale wedding of Prince William with his long-time girlfriend Kate Middleton was celebrated all over the UK today but the ‘street party’ at the Clarence Street in Southall, where Kate’s grandfather once lived, was special as it was celebrated in typical Punjabi style with Bhangra dance and folk music.
While the wedding proper at the historic Westminster Abbey was shown on the big screen set up near a stage at the Clarence Street in Southall, there were typical scenes of Band Baja, Bhangra and Doli organised by Virendra Sharma, NRI Labour MP .
Southall, primarily a South Asian residential district, also known as “Little India”.
Local businesses including TKC’s Restaurant and Chandni Chowk Restaurant owned by leading NRI hotelier Baljit Komal helped to sponsor the food, drink and festivities.
Sharma said, “As Kate Middleton’s grandfather lived in Clarence Street, Southall, it seemed a great idea to hold a street party in celebration of the Royal Wedding there. ” Southall residents are proud of their connection with the newest member of the Royal family. It is a great day for everyone involved.”
He suggested organising similar parties for celebrating various occasions including Eid and Diwali.
Sharma and Mayor of Ealing Rajindra Singh Mann jointly cut a huge cake to celebrate the royal wedding. The cake had sketches of Kate and William on top.
Councillor Julian Bell said, “This is a fantastic celebration for the people of Clarence Street. Besides the big screen for the people to watch the wedding, people enjoyed the mock Indian Wedding organised on the occasion. It was a nice way to celebrate the wedding and the streets connection with Kate Middleton’s family.””


good ppost, I too would like to know on the amount of money borrowed to fund the party

However Mags, street parties are not new, they have occured nationally, quite a substantial amount of requests were made for street parties.

Would you prefer to see coverage of each on the Ealign website??


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