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More Southall car park mystery shopping

I was in Southall this morning. Drove past Sainsburys in West Ealing at 9:15am. Arrived Herbert Road multi-storey car park 9:22am and parked within seconds. There were only 9 other cars in the whole car park.

I know school holidays are quiet and these three days wedged between two four day weekends doubly so, but this was a normal working day and the car park was empty.

I am sure that Labour supporting voices will say I chose another quiet day to go Southall. Sorry but I go when I need to go Southall. With so many quiet times the return on investment for this car park must be really terrible. You can’t buy land, put a new building on it and then have it empty most of the time. Best service will be provided to you if you consult best rated mobile car detailers in St Marys County. Take a chance!

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Again I ask what solutions would you provide to reduce congestion?

Also I recommend visting the car park on a weekend when it is at full capacity!



I am not a traffic engineer but it seems to me that the town hall junction needs some thinking about. I would be very happy if the council did some detailed studies of journeys and shopping habits, where people come from and where they go to in order to understand people’s movements better. Then propose a solution.

I am not against a car park. I would be happy to see various parking solutions that followed on from detailed traffic studies and included traffice management measures. For instance mixing pay and display with CPZs is very common in central London – it should be looked at seriously in Southall, along with extending the times of operation of the exisiting zones so that residents can park in the evening.

In 2017 Crossrail will change Southall again. With journey times to Heathrow of a matter of minutes, the West End of 20 mins and the City of 30 mins the station will become an even bigger focus and many people’s work journeys will change, in fact many of the people will change!

The current Labour administration is throwing £5.5 million at Southall to pay some its political debts. It has nothing to do with good government or town planning.


Couple of points Phil

1) This may be a tactic by Labour to their large support in Southall but then again residents/traders asked for a Car Park too!

2) I agree with dual use, but the trial was only implemented on one road I can see why the residents opposed to it!

3) The crossroads are a pain but due to its narrowness a CPO may be the only option for widening!

4) Prior to crossrail Boris Johnson has approved Southall Gasworks, 3500 thousand home and a minimum of 2000 needs to be built before extending of South Road bridge begins.

What are your thoughts about the project?



1) I expect that the residents and shop keepers in West Ealing would like more car parking but the council has shut car parks. Ditto Acton. The car park in Hanwell is due to be sold. Apparently Southall with 450 council spaces needs more.

2) There was a consultation in a number of roads which came back negative on balance. It seems to work pretty well in a range of London boroughs.

3) I am not a traffic engineer. I would like the council to understand what journeys people are making and why before they spend £5.5 million on something we probably don’t need.

4) The Gasworks site was always going to be built on and Crossrail has made the site very valuable. I haven’t looked at the proposal in detail so can’t comment. What I do know is that Crossrail will change West Ealing, Hanwell and Southall hugely.


Thanks for the response, ideally Im sure Southall residents wouldve preffered Boris Johnson to understand the imapct an extra 3500 homes could do to the area.

Ahh well, this happens everywhere another case of political parties attempting to know what the people want, whereas they are far away from reality itself!!



The implication of your comment is that Southall is over-crowded. It is not.

Take a look at this paper:

Click to access rp04-001.pdf

Ealing Southall has a population density of 63 people per hectare, 30th ranked UK constituency. Ealing North was relatively sparsely populated at 47 people per hectare, 52nd ranked. The old Ealing Acton and Shepherds Bush constituency is 59 people per hectare ranked 34th.

Number 1 is Kensington & Chelsea with a population density of 131 people per hectare. So K&C twice as crowded as Southall. Southall about the same as Ealing.

We do live in London which is pretty much the only world city in Europe. You might expect it to be a bit crowded. If you don’t like it try Wales or Scotland.

Anyone who thinks that the state is going to pay £15 billion for Crossrail for it to have no impact on population density along its route is not being very real.


I never did say overcrowded Phil but it a fact Southall has the 3rd most congested road in London, which happens to be Uxbridge Road/The Broadway

However I think only major roads was studied as South Road seems the worst for congestion out of the two. so for this matter i think an extra 3000 cars would grind SOuthall to a halt!

Have you experienced South Road at peak times, its best avoided!


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