Ealing and Northfield

New technology invades cabinet

Cllr Colm Costello published this photo on Tuesday on his blog which shows three of the Labour cabinet peering at a Conservative campaign leaflet during Tuesday night’s cabinet meeting. You might have thought that they would be listening in rapt attention to their leader, Julian Bell, as he spoke, but no.

Apparently some of the Labour councillors are upset by this photo and Cllr Costello has been approached by officers to take it down citing council rules regarding filming.

It would be a bit intrusive and undignified if people were snapping away all of the time but this photo is so precious that it would be a shame if it were suppressed.

I cannot help but feeling that it is a case of the biter being bit. Some of the Labour councillors have been regularly tweeting through meetings and a few minutes before this photo was taken Cllr Mahouz produced this typically venal tweet.

He produced this in response to a helpful and constructive comment from Cllr Mark Reen regarding Labour’s proposals to take 30% out of the council’s grants budget. Mahfouz is from the lie big, lie loud school of political communication.

One reply on “New technology invades cabinet”

I will welcome the day when it will be a requirement to provide on-line web video feeds of all the council meetings so I can participate from home.


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