Ealing and Northfield

Less potholes in Ealing thanks to budget

One of the minor announcements in George Osborne’s budget on Wednesday was an additional £100 million to fix potholes in England on top of £100 million already allocated. Figures published by the Department of Transport yesterday, here, indicate that Ealing will get £323K.

We wait in vain for the council press release.

3 replies on “Less potholes in Ealing thanks to budget”

That’s assuming that the money for the potholes is ringfenced and doesn’t get used on shortening desks by even more! Is there any way that we can be sure that the moeny will be used on fixing potholes, and not some loony-left Trade Union Club pipe dream?



Just 100 million?? the real report from the highways/ AA show much more is required, the roads are crumbling

Ealings contractors performign a poor job doesnt help the situation!


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