Ealing and Northfield

Beecham so wrong about the English council tax freeze

In today’s Guardian Labour’s most senior local government bod, Sir Jeremy Beecham no less, decries the council tax freeze achieved by the coalition government saying:

A freeze builds up financial trouble for the future …

This is the mindset of the lifelong local government functionary who has been highly paid all of his life to merely add up all of the costs in his organisation and pass them on to the public. The rest of us have to deal with financial trouble, trim costs, do things differently, re-prioritise, stop doing old stuff and start doing new stuff all of the time. It is high time that Beecham and his crowd learnt the discipline of not gouging the public year after year.

It is a stunning achievement by the government that not one council in all of England has dared to raise council tax. Under 13 years of Labour the average council tax across the country doubled.

In Ealing it means that council tax was frozen for two years by the Tory local government and for a third year by the coalition government who have given Ealing £3.1 million a year for four years to pay for the freeze.

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