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Schools capital – very big numbers

It is worth understanding one of the major constraints on Ealing’s capital spending – the burgeoning population in our schools. The previous Conservative administration made financial provision for 16 permanent additional forms of entry in our primary schools and 9 temporary forms. The total allocated by the end of our time last year was £71.4 million.

Getting these numbers right is a very tough judgement call and this year the new Labour administration has had to put an additional £45 million aside for an additional 8 forms of entry and more temporary places.

This will continue to be a huge issue for the borough and will roll through to secondary provision and be a significant constraint on what any administration can do on the capital side.

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Ealing gets more money from central government for the disabled for the next year, yet cuts services for the disabled. Can anyone explain this?
What has happened to Ealing Council’s “Supporting People” budget? An article in The Independent (Blogs Section) by Ben Chu (Friday 18th March 2011) examines the “Supporting People” budget, the central government pot of money, paid to councils, to enable them to help vulnerable people to live independent lives. While the Borough of Camden has had its Supporting People budget cut by 60 per cent, Ealing Council’s Supporting People budget has gone up by 56.3% from £11,125,397 in 2010/2011 to £17,388,353 in 2011/12. Why is it then that the Albert Dane Day Centre
for the disabled and the LINKS centre for the mentally ill are being closed when Ealing Council has been given an extra of over £6 million to help people to live independent lives. Where has this money gone.



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