Ealing and Northfield

Road spending

A major aspect of the capital budget is spending on our roads. Over the course of twelve years of the previous Labour administration the council spent about £12 million. By 2006 the borough’s roads were shockingly bad. In four years the all too short-lived Tory administration allocated £25.5 million of your money to fixing the roads outside your house. We thought that was a good use of your money and we spent twice as much as Labour in one third of the time. The graph below is – graphic!

Labour has always been more interested on spending your money on its own priorities. In the early noughties it was the £61.3 million Response programme. So much for the past. What about the future?

In the next four years Labour propose to spend £11.7 million on the roads. At least they have not gone back to their previous atrocious spending levels but it is a 54% cut, sound familiar? Yes.

As well as halving road spending Labour are back in the business of building council offices, £8.7 million net on three new council offices. Truly we are back to the future.

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