Ealing and Northfield

Labour don’t know their own budget

If you are going to call your opposition to account on numbers you need to at least understand your own budget. In this press release Labour accuses the Tories of making unfunded promises.

I am sure that our leader will be able to give Labour chapter and verse on how he would fund the services he would wish to see continue. My suggestions would be looking at the council’s generous Ts and Cs (worth a minimum of £10 million), shared services (which Labour has barely scratched as they haven’t the wit to push back at officers on this) and senior management costs (£10 million which has been barely touched by Labour). Easy.

They confess to taking £750K out of the police budget but their own budget papers, here, make it clear they are taking out £250K out of £1 million and leaving £750K.

Julian Bell should quit while he is behind. Frighteningly he is in charge.

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