Ealing and Northfield Policing

Goodbye to Northfield’s excellent policemen

On Friday morning the Northfield councillors trooped over to the police SNT ward base on South Ealing Road to thank Segeant Gregory Fox and PSCO Salim Bhunnoo for their excellent service to the ward.

Greg is retiring to spend some more time as captain of his golf club. By his own admission Greg started off as a Safer Neighbourhoods sceptic but has thoroughly enjoyed his time on the ward. He has been a valued local figure throughout his service and will be much missed on the streets and at our ward forum where we all enjoyed his Irish patter.

Salim was one of the first members of the team and has been a PCSO for way too long. Thankfully Hendon has re-opened its doors and Salim will soon be a fully fledged PC. Salim is an excellent young man and he will make a great copper. We have been lucky to have him and the Met is doing well to retain his services.

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