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Labour fail on crime

One of the themes I will keep coming back to when looking at the budget is that Labour’s priorities are skewed. Rather than putting residents concerns at the top of their priority list they have put a weird mixture of officers’ and Labour party internal priorities at the top.

Take crime. If you check out the residents survey, here, you will see that residents’ single biggest concern is “Crime: including anti-social behaviour and terrorism”. This is cited by 20% as a personal concern, top of the list with the next biggest concern being cited by 15%.

Labour are quite aware of this concern and even put crime in number one spot on their list of five key pledges in their manifesto:

Labour’s “distribute any cuts as equally as possible” approach to the budget means that the £1 million budget for additional policing in Ealing has been cut by 25% from £1 million to £750K, see page 165 here.

Instead of providing more uniformed officers as promised Labour are significantly reducing them. This £1 million budget is tiny in comparison to the £1 billion the council spends every year. This really does demonstrate that Labour’s priorities are all wrong and that they are quite happy to bin manifesto promises.

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Not acceptable at all. Concern about crime has come out as tops for many years.

Perhaps Bell will adjust his unfocused thinking when he has that long overdue meeting in Southall about tarts and drug pushers.

Should get a hearing and eye sight test as well.


Phil. Apologies. This is a bit late.

For the Cabinet meeting this March there is a paper on policing. Without having to to spend time on this doublespeak which the author should be ashamed of, are you able to say in two lines:

How many PCs do we have? How many will we get (and is that a certainty?)

How many PCSOs do we have and how many will we have?




I think that the paper is reasonably clear.

The cut is not 25% it is 34% as the budget is going down from £1 million to £660. They are siphoning off £90K towards the noise service which is fine but it ain’t policing.

We had a team comprising an inspector, two sergeants and 40 PCSOs. We will have a team comprising an inspector, 9 PCs and 9 PCSOs.

I am sure that Labour will tell us that PCs are better than PCSOs but they cannot hide the fact that they have taken 34% out. It looks like they intend to make some council staff wear uniforms so that they can make a spurious claim to have increased the number of uniformed officers. Ho hum!


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