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BBC gives wrecker Soloman a platform

Today the BBC Radio 4 Today programme went beyond parody giving the ridiculous Claire Soloman a platform to promote the latest bout of student mayhem today. Follow this link and move the slider to 2:55:00. When asked to comment on Michael Gove’s education reforms Soloman was left spluttering:

OK, well, er, I was told I was coming on this programme to talk about the student protests today, um, I wasn’t prepared for this …

Clearly she had come on to the programme expecting to be able to just promote her cause without critical comment from James Naughtie.

The BBC failed to point out that she is a 37 year-old “student” who has spent by her own admission most of the noughties involved in left wing politics, including 4 years as a member of the Socialist Workers Party. It is not clear that Soloman has ever worked. She is the president of the University of London students union and was one of the people involved in vandalising the building that houses Conservative offices, 30 Millbank, earlier this month.

Another blog run by Soloman provides links to legal advice for students taking part in protests provided by the Green and Black Cross legal team.

I can only assume that this is a bunch of Green Anarchists who are seeking to foment trouble amongst students. According to the leaflet the Green and Black Cross activists recommend that students use their solicitor, Bindmans, founded by left-wing poster boy Geoffrey Bindman, lawyer to Keith Vaz and supporter of any number of leftie causes. It might help us keep law and order in our country if rich and talented men like Bindman weren’t fomenting anarchy.

Expect to see UL invaded by Soloman and her wreckers sometime after 11am today in time to make the evening news bulletins. I hope the police are ready this time.

3 replies on “BBC gives wrecker Soloman a platform”

With respect, I suspect that you will find that the bad elements withing the carnival were green marxists rather than green anarchists. The green movement, Transition Town, etc., have become the home for the rump of the marxist movement and many of the people involved in it are what is known as Entryists. These are people who go along with a cause or movement until they are in a position of power and then subvert it to their own ends. Anarchists do not tend to be too interested in forcing their beliefs on other people, while marxists are very interested in this, and especially seek to destroy all spirituality and values in the face of following a program of their own goals.
That there was rioting, well, I am delighted that someone in this country seems to care enought to do something. The Frence are brilliant at protestng, while we here in England tend to be extremely lazy about engaing in the political process. It was good to see that some people had the guts to stand up and make themseleves heard!


My apologies, I did not mean to correct you, rather I was seeing to educate. Very few people realise that the green movement in this country has been subverted to a significant extent by marxists. These people are far more sinister than hoodlums as their violence is part of a strategy.


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