Lock your cars!

The use of the imperative is all mine and not that of the Northfield Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) who have sent out the following message in the hope of reminding people to be a little more dilligent about locking their vehicles and keeping valuables out of view.

It would be nice if people didn’t nick our stuff and the crime is most assuredly committed by the thief and certainly not the property owner where someone forgets to lock their car or leaves their sat nav on view. But, the rule in London, and many other parts of the country, is if you leave anything on view you are likely to get your car broken into. That includes coats, old briefcases, carrier bags filled up with rubbish, etc. It costs nothing to break your window and the thief will only realise that there is no wallet in the coat pocket or valuable PC in the briefcase once he has broken your window.

The Northfield SNT say:

Over the past few weeks, crime on the Northfield ward has been at it’s lowest in well over two years, but that’s in jeopardy!!

The past three days have seen a number of theft from motor vehicle offences on the ward. These offences have occurred when the victims have left their vehicles unattended and unlocked and even with doors left wide open! Property has been left clearly on display and even sat navs left on display with holders left hanging from the car windscreens when owners did remember to take the sat nav itself out of the car.

Northfield officers are doing their utmost with regards to identifying and arresting the suspects responsible and we urge our residents to be more careful when leaving their vehicles unattended making sure no valuables, bags, phones, and especially sat navs are left on display for prying eyes and light fingers.

It is often said to us that people are well within their rights in leaving their vehicle with property on display and unlocked, etc and I entirely agree with you, but unfortunately with the world we live in today the consequence is inevitable.

We at Northfields pride ourselves in having the lowest crime figures on the borough and we work hard to maintain that, but what we would appreciate from our residents is a little help to maintain this.

Northfield SNT

The contact details for the Northfield SNT are given on the page linked on the right.

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