National politics

BBC at it again

Just now as a part of their coverage of the student riots BBC Television News were interviewing a James Mills from the Save EMA campaign. He is a Labour party researcher.

He writes for the LabourList blog where he is described as:

James Mills is the former chair of the St Andrews Labour Club, former Parliamentary Researcher to Margaret Curran MSP and now works as the Parliamentary Researcher to John Robertson MP. Previously, he interned at the Guardian, the Fabian Society and Progress.

His Twitter biog says:

Labour Party researcher and activist.

Judging by his Twitter handle he was born in 1984 so is a 26 year old EMA recipient apparently. It is one thing interviewing angry EMA recipients it is another interviewing a Labour activist and not making it clear who he is – it only takes 30 seconds with Google to vet people. Clearly the BBC just don’t want to know.

Mills has previous. After the Millbank riot Mills managed to get himself on Sky posing as a student where the presenter just referred to him as James. Again no acknowledgement that this guy was a Labour MP’s researcher.

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