Ealing and Northfield

Labour activist tries to hijack ward forum

Sitting next to Rupa Huq on her sofa yesterday was Anthony Woods, one of the failed Labour council candidates for Northfield ward. Woods turned up to the Northfield ward forum on Monday with 40 other local residents. It was a good meeting although Woods made a fool of himself. Eager to make party political points Woods embarassed our Safer Neighbourhood Team sergeant by asking him what cuts would be visited on his team. The answer to this question is way above the sergeant’s pay grade. In the public forum section of the meeting Woods tried to ask the councillors what would the effect of cuts on Northfield. Frankly we don’t know and won’t know for some time beyond the schools announcement already made this week.

The question that Woods and the rest of the Labour party has to answer is how do we sort out the deficit without painful choices? It is currently running at £155 billion. In other words the government is spending £3 billion more than it raises in taxes EVERY WEEK. Put another way people in work are having the government borrow £5,000 a year on their behalf. Those same workers need to pay this debt off sometime.

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