Ealing and Northfield

Milliband still confused

Back in May I published a letter from David Milliband to the old Tory leader, Jason Stacey, congratulating him on winning Ealing Council – I wish. Apparently David Milliband still does not know his back side from his elbow.

Local Labour activist and failed local council candidate for Walpole ward, Rupa Huq, breathlessly reported on her blog yesterday that she has hosted a “house meeting” for Milliband the older. The audio linked by Huq has Milliband describing Huq as “Councillor Rupa Huq, the Deputy Mayor of Ealing”. Huq is clearly not a councillor although she was appointed to be the Deputy Mayor, Councillor John Gallagher’s, consort.

Interestingly Huq describes the meeting as “a grassroots community bottom-up initiative in conjunction with the London Citizens campaign” whereas Milliband calls it “12 Labour party members”. I have to say that I always considered London Citizens to be a Labour front organisation.

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