Customer Services Ealing and Northfield

Gold star for council

As an opposition back-bench councillor I keep an interest in Customer Services having been in charge of it for two years, along with parking. One of the changes we bought in in that time was to expand the range of online services.

In June I got a reminder letter about renewing my CPZ permit along with a PIN so that I could do the transation online. I am afraid I failed to do anything about it until yesterday morning, the day my permit expired. I didn’t want to go into Perceval House so I figured I would do it online. It took about five minutes at 7:50am yesterday whilst I was eating my toast. I was very pleased when the permit arrived today. Cracking performance. The great thing about this online transaction was that not only did I get a quick service but that it would have been much cheaper for the council compared to a face-to-face transaction.

One of the ways that the council and the wider state will be able to maintain services whilst saving money is to do more and more online.

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