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Coalition agreement published

It is good to see the details here. It starts off reassuringly with the deficit.

The parties agree that deficit reduction and continuing to ensure economic recovery is the most urgent issue facing Britain. We have therefore agreed that there will need to be:

– a significantly accelerated reduction in the structural deficit over the course of a Parliament, with the main burden of deficit reduction borne by reduced spending rather than increased taxes;

– arrangements that will protect those on low incomes from the effect of public sector pay constraint and other spending constraints; and

– protection of jobs by stopping Labour’s proposed jobs tax.

Quite right.

We are so used to seeing documents filled with colour, white space and silly pictures. It is refreshing to see one of the key documents governing our lives for at least the near future in black and white, literally.

One reply on “Coalition agreement published”


It sounds from DC’s chat with A Marr on Sunday that your Chief Execs pay might be docked??

Quite right too.

I wonder how much they got paid 10 years ago?


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