Ealing and Northfield

Labour make no promises about rents

In my speech tonight I highlighted the fact that although Labour had made a total of 12 promises about council housing the glaring omission was any commitment to keep council rent rises under control. If you look at their manifesto you will see this list:

  1. Total opposition to Conservative plans to transfer council homes to private companies and privatise housing management.
  2. To return council housing to full council control at the earliest opportunity and end the massive waste and duplication that currently exists with Ealing Homes and the Council’s housing department.
  3. A guarantee to respect the results of a binding tenant and leaseholder ballot before council homes, or the management of them, is transferred out of council control.
  4. Estate based caretakers to tackle jobs around the estate and keep them clean.
  5. Action on noisy neighbours and a zero-tolerance policy on anti-social behaviour.
  6. Ring fence the money received from sales through ‘right to buy’ for reinvestment in new homes and improving council housing.
  7. 3,000 affordable homes and homes for rent available to local families.
  8. Action to end the scandal of empty homes in the borough.
  9. A fairer transfer scheme for tenants that puts hard working local families who play by the rules and pay their bills priority for housing transfers.
  10. A revamp of the repairs service with additional craftsmen to do the repairs and less bureaucracy to reduce delays.
  11. Pilot a new policy offering extensions and roof conversions on council owned properties to reduce overcrowding and make better homes for residents.
  12. A new partnership with businesses to bring unused flats above shops back into use in town centre areas.

When I have time I might deconstruct this list – in the meantime expect your rent to shoot up if you are a council tenant.

One reply on “Labour make no promises about rents”


There is no mention either of the regeneration plans for the 8 high intervention estates that we were going to regenerate. The regeneration of the Green Man estate in West Ealing was started by us and we were going to regenerate another 7 estates.

Residents in these estates are expecting their estates to be regenerated, but I fear that this will not happen.

If you live on one fo these 8 estates, then I’m afraid that you will be stuck with what you have for some time to come.

You are not a priority for this Labour administration


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