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On LBC tonight

I am doing the politics slot on Petrie Hosken’s show on LBC 97.3 FM tonight from 8pm to 9pm. I have done it a couple of times before but it will be fun to do it at such an interesting time (puts me in mind of a certain Chinese curse).

I will be up with Labour blogger Tim McLoughlin and LibDem PPC and blogger Helen Duffet.

There is really only one issue – which has not been much discussed over the last week I am afraid. The deficit. The structural deficit is about 10% of GDP or about 20% of government expenditure. Depending on our growth over the next couple of years it may be worse than that. The implication is that we need to take £50-80 billion out of government expenditure. This is going to be eye-wateringly real and I am glad the Tories will get to share the opprobrium with the LibDems, remember Mervyn King’s recent warning that whoever wins the election will be out of power for a generation. That way there will be two parties taking the hits and two parties working to nail the problem on Gordon Brown where the blame firmly lies. Maybe these two men can save our country and not wreck their own futures in the process.

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