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Voting today

I went to vote at about 4.30pm this afternoon in Ealing, West London. Here we are only voting in the Euro elections as London local elections are not until next May.

It was very quiet. I asked the staff a few questions. Up until 4pm only 293 had turned up to vote.

I have heard reports that some people are worried that the ballot boxes won’t be big enough for the very long ballot papers being used for this election. Apparently they have been tested here in Ealing and can accommodate 700 papers. That said the nice lady was having to use a long plastic ballot squasher to push the papers further down into the box even though they were barely over the 300 mark.

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I have not seen the Ealing local results yet. Any chance you can give us a link to published results? Or do you just want to make a point?

I would not be surprised if indeed Labour beat the Tories in Ealing. In the European elections in 2004 the Tories were on 23%, Labour on 32% with 10% of the vote going to UKIP, see results from 2004 here. I would expect the Tories to close the gap on Labour this time and no doubt UKIP will play a big role, as indeed they did in the whole country beating Labour into 3rd place.



Yet again you prove to be a totally unreliable and inaccurate commentator.

Labour’s Ealing vote share had gone down from 32.0% to 25.7%, that is 6.3%. Worse they lost 7,354 votes or 28.3% of their voters. Across London Labour lost 20% of their voters Ealing is performing worse than the rest of London for Labour at 28%.

The Tories were only 107 votes behind Labour this year. In 2004 they were 7,479 votes behind. Once you take out the UKIP/Euro factor it is pretty clear to see that Ealing is getting increasingly comfortable with the idea of being a Tory borough. No doubt it will soon have three Tory MPs into the bargain.


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