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Labour lose London MEP and 20% of their voters

I haven’t had much time to analyse the European election results in London. They look like an unspectacular inching forward for the Tories in the face of the MP’s expenses scandal rather than a revolution. That said Labour lost an MEP. Previously London had nine MEPs – now it only has eight. The Tories retained their three MEPs. The LibDems, Greens and UKIP kept their one MEP each. Labour lost one and went down to two.

You can see the full results here. Coverage from the BBC here and Dave Hill here.

Lots of people will comment on the percentage vote shares. I always think it is worth looking at the numbers of votes. The Tories lost 25,634 (5.1%) votes – an effect of MPs expenses? Labour lost 93,994 votes or fully 20% of their 2004 vote. Disaster. The LibDems lost 48,634 (16.8%) votes. Disaster. Funnily enough UKIP did equally badly as Labour and the LibDems – they lost 44,193 (19.0%) votes. The biggest winners were the Green who gained 31,603 (19.9%) votes. The BNP also did well adding 10,268 (13.5%).

One side story from the London European elections is the performance of independent candidate Jan Jananayagam who managed to pull in 50,004 votes. A quick look at her website indicates that she got the Tamil vote.

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