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Another year?

The point about this video from the Tories is that the latest possible date for the next general election is June 3rd next year – one year from today. We all know that Gordon Brown would only call a general election if he thought he could win it. It has not looked like he could since he became unelected Labour leader and unelected Prime Minister. Unless Brown is chucked out by his own party because they calculate that he will destroy them, or in the unlikely event that he decides to go for the good of the country, we will have to put up with Brown for another terrible year.

If you want a general election and a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty then go and vote tomorrow. Forget protest votes and vote Tory.

2 replies on “Another year?”

Because MPs of all three major parties have disgraced themselves in the voters eyes on expenses, all three major parties will get hammered todayat the polls.



As usual your statement is inaccurate. All parties have disgraced themselves to a greater or lesser extent. But the major problem with this statement is that it is irrelevant. What do people want? What do you want? If you want Labour out and a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty then vote Tory. Any other vote is a wasted vote.

We know for a fact that UKIP MEPs have been even more venal than Westminster MPs with their expenses claims. The reason that the BNP and the Greens have escaped being mired with the Westminster expenses scandal is simply because they had no MPs. If you think their MPs would have been any less tempted than MPs from all the other parties have been under the old Parliamentary expenses system you are being entirely unrealistic.


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