National politics

Now the Times endorses the Tories

On Monday I noted that the Sun has come out for the Tories at the European elections on Thursday. Today the Times too endorses the Tories. They say:

So, by a process of elimination, that leaves the Conservative Party. The future of a viable EU surely lies in concentrating on those issues, such as the response to climate change and the need to secure energy supplies, on which co-ordinated work between governments is vital. That means it needs to spend a lot less time on pointless internal deliberation designed to cement power centrally, of which the Lisbon Treaty is an example.

The Conservative Party has the only manifesto which contains both these defining ideas. On that basis it merits support in tomorrow’s election. But the bigger issue is, in fact, whether an increased Conservative presence in Strasbourg can make any difference in finding a purpose for the European Parliament which, just at the moment, it palpably lacks.

As Labour implodes the best way to ensure that we get a referendum on the Lisbon treaty (constitution) and that we get a strong, new government is to vote Conservative.

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