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Party killer

jon-ball.jpgLibDem councillor John Ball reckons he is joining the Circle Line cocktail party tonight to mark the end of drinking on the Tube. He is reported in the Ealing Times as saying:

There is a genuine problem with alcohol on public transport, but the ban is not going to provide any sort of solution, it is just a headline-grabbing move.

The rail unions are up in arms as they fear it will cause more conflict between tube staff – who will have to enforce these measures – and drinkers. It is just an illiberal move.

Talk about being on the wrong side of the argument. The Tube is a public transport system. No-one has to use it. It is entirely reasonable to expect a certain standard of behaviour when using it and not drinking seems pretty reasonable. Smoking was banned on Tube trains about 20 years before the national smoking ban and was entirely uncontroversial. A few idiots made a show of smoking afterwards but were pretty soon shamed into compliance. The unions may not like policing the Tube but if you don’t publicly state what is expected of people how do you expect them to start to comply?

I predict that the ban will be 100% successful and 99% popular.

3 replies on “Party killer”

A recent poll in one of the evening free papers showed 84% support for the ban. Cllr Ball is a very unusual Lib Dem, disagreeing with such an unequivocal expression of public opinion. They usually jump onto bandwagons, not under them.

As for the RMT, they were looking for a fight with Boris, they just picked the wrong one.


And it looks like the protestors have proved the Mayor right, with the BBC reporting trains taken out of service due to vandalism and seven London Underground staff assaulted last night.

Drinking on the Tube won’t be missed.


Don’t you just love those Lib-Dems! Is this man the only one that can’t link the logic of banning drinking on the Tube as a solution to the problem of, er, drinking on the Tube. So what are the LibDem’s bright ideas to this serious problem?

Calling this public and police supported initiative as a ‘headline grabbing move’ is a bit hypocritical. What does he do? Run to the papers with the ‘headline grabbing move’ of supporting what turned out to be hoards of drunken louts causing chaos with their ‘cocktail parties’ and closing down major stations across the network. Well done Mr. Balls, drinks all round!

Balls’ logic just demonstrates that LibDumbs shouldn’t be allowed to come close to any decision making office.


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