Mayor Johnson

Party killer II

According to the Sunday Times there was a lot of disruption last night caused by drunken “revellers” protesting/celebrating the end of drinking on the Tube. No doubt Ealing’s Cllr Ball wasn’t one of the people playing up but he sure did find the wrong cause to back.

In another article the blame was laid at Mayor Boris Johnson’s door. The person doing the blaming was the RMT’s Bob Crow. In the same spirit as the policeman who blames you for not locking your stuff up securely enough when some thief nicks it Bob Crow reckons that the mayhem was all Boris’ fault. In his press release he says:

Johnson should apologise personally to all those who were assaulted and abused last night thanks to a half-baked gimmick designed solely as a publicity stunt and without a moment’s thought for the people told to implement it.

We have made it clear that RMT will support any measure that reduces anti-social behaviour and makes our members’ lives safer, but this ban was imposed in haste without consultation with Tube staff.

We warned that it could put our members at greater risk of assault, but there is no comfort in being proved right when Tube workers have been injured and abused.

It is no good Tube bosses repeating parrot-fashion that they would not expect staff to put themselves in danger when they have been put in danger by the Mayor’s publicity stunt.

RMT’s advice to its members is quite clear: if they believe they are at serious risk they should exercise their right to refuse to work, to take trains out of service or close stations as appropriate, and their union will support them every inch of the way.

Let us hope that the mayor will learn the lesson and start paying heed to the voices of those who actually go out there and try to operate a service.

It is not as if RMT need any excuse to skive off. Noticed the total lack of concern for customers here. As I said yesterday I predict that the ban will be 100% successful and 99% popular.

3 replies on “Party killer II”

If staff should avoid danger perhaps they should quit working on hte Underground: remember it would be illegal to transport livestock on the tube system in Summer due to the temperatures, etc. Surely RMT staff are worth more than sheep! Perhaps they should all quit and go and work somewhere safer?


Johnson should have forseen that his action would have a reaction. It is not rocket science. It is amazingly shortsighted. As for expecting tube staff to deal with the aftermath of his ill-prepared ban – that is totally unreasonable and comments like those above are ignorant in the least! I think bigots who don’t use public transport should refrain from making suggestions about what tube workers should/shouldn’t do. maggie should keep her proverbial facial protruberance in her own Ascot Allotments about which she might be knowledgeable to comment and out of public transport, about which she is plainly an ignoramus.


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