Customer Services

Customer services too slow

I decided to give Ealing’s Customer Services a harder test by turning up mid-afternoon on the last Friday of the month. Sure enough the place was a lot busier than my previous visit. For instance, there were 26 people waiting for parking permits and 26 people waiting for housing benefits.

I talked to a few people. The people waiting for housing benefits enquiries were typically stoical. One lady had been waiting over an hour to get visitors vouchers. There was a queue of 7 at the cash office window but there were 3 staff on so it didn’t look like it would be a long wait.

One older lady who wanted a Leisure card was a little confused by the different numbers streams for the different queues. She wasn’t much reassured by my explanantion but her number came up soon after we chatted and I was able to get her to the right place.

I took the opportunity to check the loos. The gents looked as clean and fresh as any office loos which is to say not brilliant but pretty acceptable.

It took me 51 minutes from 3:11pm to 4:02pm to be seen. It seemed that only three Parking Services reps were on which probably accounted for the delay.

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