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Evil system

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I had to go to Ealing Hospital tonight. I used the Harmoni out-of-hours service, or at least my baby daughter did. We saw a very nice doctor and although it was a bit anonymous it was a pretty good service. Can’t say the same about the parking though.

In a bit of a new parent tizzy and with a middle-aged man’s long-sightedness and a broken light it took me rather a long time to work out how to use the Pay-and-display parking. You get a bargain four hours for only £3.50. That is the minimum charge and most people don’t stay that long – I was there for 34 minutes so paid 10p per minute.

The hospital knows that the British public will in pull together adversity, especially in the face official money-grubbing. Our natural inclination will be to give each other the unused portion of our tickets. Only they have installed new ticket machines that require you to punch in your car registration.

On returning to my car I commiserated with another user: “Evil system”. He shot back: “Isn’t it just”. As I pulled away he was attaching a note to the machine. It read “Every little helps to pay for more managers”. Quite.

I think I have an item of any other business for the Health, Housing and Adult Social Services Panel on Tuesday.

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You were indeed lucky to find a parking space – often one can’t. The car park is far two small and needs another level built on top of it. The parking cost is in line with other London hospital car parks (I’ve been to a few).

I suppose soon visitors to the hospital might be charged for entering the hospital to visit their loved ones – on the basis of the wear and tear on the floors, use of lifts, toilets etc.


I have an acquaintance who has to go to Ealing Hospital for therapy and innocently offered to take her there recently. She is ill and gets state benefits.. Parking in the hospital car park costs her the same as you. About a twentieth of her State Benefits goes on the car park at Ealing Hospital. I have noted that the staff car parks are full to overflowing and as usual we seem to have forgotten that “The Customer is King”, we now live in a new mentality that can be summed up as: “The Customer is Always Wrong” and any comment is met with defensive accusations of intimidation/aggression. Most businesses seel to provide ample parking for its customers, and not its STAFF–the nature of a business is to encourage and maintain CUSTOM and not entertain the staff…. It is not just Ealing Hospital, but also the Town Hall complex which is guilty of this… WE are paying for orfabisations that empl0y private contractors to make a profit off us on public land…. Am I getting something wrong here?

Ealing Hospital has bad reputation, and deservedly so… I would suggest Hammersmith Hospital in future… There is actually a positive sense of competition with other hospitals, and Hammersmith Hospital staff pride themselves on being a lot better than Ealing Hospital….

This does all come back also to why places like Ealing Shopping Centre have problems in attracting shops… The parking charges are extortionate. Correct me here, but does a privatre company owning the shopping centre and “fleecing” its customers (the shops that is) on the back of their customers— is it any surprise that decenet, large, shops steer clear of Ealing Centre…..

I think the answer to this is to clip on a set of false number plates when you park, and carry a petrol stone cutter in the boot (a sort of giant angle grinder) to cut the clamp off with when you come out and find that your car has been clamped while you have been parked in a car park “owned and paid for by you” through your taxes…


Phil, you are lucky that you saw ANYONE within a reasonable amount of time


Social engineering? Locals in the know were able to park, space allowing, on the verge next to the bus lane, which has now been made residents only or CP Zedded which now adds to the pressure on the carpark spaces. I`m now disallowed to park across a residents drive even though he was happy to allow this whilst his car was laid up!


You are not alone in your experiences at Ealng Hospital. I have a friend who goes to Ealing Hospital for treatment and I sometimes give her a lift to hospital and wait for her. I am stunned by the amount that I have to pay in car parking charges. She is not well and lives off state benefits. The car park charging fee represents a significant slice of her income. When she was better she contributed like anyone via National Insurance contributions and yet now she is funding a private company who looks after Ealing Hospital’s car parks. Where is the equity in this? The car parks surely should be part of the service that we pay for through our National Insurance contributions and not a bonanza for the hostpital and for a private contractor. The word “evil” is apposite here!!!


My friend was back at Ealing Hospital a few days ago for an outpatient appointment and found that her Oyster card had run out as she got on an 83 bus (which terminates at Ealing Hospital) to go back home. She asked the driver if there was anywhere nearby where she could top up her Oyster card nearby and all she got was a disinterested and surly “no” from the fair-hairede short-haired young man driving the bus who further ignored her completely.
Bearing in mind that there is a bus-station at Ealing Hospital where half-a-dozen bus routes terminate and a few more routes run by it, one would think that there would be some kind of facility to top up Oyster cards or purchase booklets of tickets, or would one? Clearly Julie Lowe, the chief executive of the NHS trust, thinks that patients travel there by magic carpet or perhaps teleportation?


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