Ealing and Northfield

Sharma is going to turn up on Thursday

I reported last week that Councillor Sharma, the Ealing Southall MP, needed to turn up to a council meeting by the 9th April if he wasn’t to be booted out of the council. It looks like he has developed a sudden interest in Education, Leisure and Children’s Social Services. It seems he will be substituting for Cllr Bagha who has manfully stepped aside to allow Sharma to turn up and claim his £4,500 for another six months of “service” – the council’s rules effectively say you will be struck off if you don’t attend a meeting for six months. Sharma hasn’t turned up since a five minute appearance at a council meeting on 9th October last year. According to a revised agenda I saw today, reproduced below, Sharma has been officially substituted for this meeting. He is very brave – he will get roasted.

This story has been covered twice in Ealing Times here and here where he said:

I think it’s a most childish approach on their part, the way they are behaving indicates they clearly have nothing better to do.

I’m a responsible councillor and responsible elected member. I do not need lessons from these unprincipled people. I will do whatever I need to do under the law.

Why are they so concerned about me? Why do they not get their own house in order and make their defectors stand down and seek re-election.

Last week in the Gazette Sharma blathered:

This indicates the childish behaviour of the Conservative party. I’m a responsible councillor and a responsible member of parliament.

I’m fully aware of my responsibilities, and I do not need advice from these unreliable and unprincipled politicians.

Constitutionally I’m OK and politically I’m OK. I have represented the same party for 25 years. I have never shifted from one party to another, so they need to look at their own responsibilities.

As these quotes are different, and both pretty much gibberish, we might conclude they came straight from his own mouth. He needs to get a minder.

I’ll be there with my camera on Thursday.

3 replies on “Sharma is going to turn up on Thursday”

Well if he does turn up that will be more than he did when I went to see him about the Lisbon Treaty at the House of Commons. I waited 4 hours and when I finally got Reception to phone his office, they said there was no reply, not even an answer phone.

Sharma subsequently wrote to me saying he was ‘in a committee meeting’ which is why he couldn’t see me and anyway I didn’t know what the Lisbon Treaty was about. Well at least I’ve read it, which I doubt Mr Sharma has. So draw your own conclusions.


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