London’s teen murder epidemic in the news

Today the Sunday Times is covering London’s teen murder epidemic from the point of view of a 15-year-old schoolgirl called Tekeya from Stockwell who has seen seven of her friends and relatives murdered in the past two years.

I discussed this issue with an 18 year-old who works for me yesterday. He too has a dead contemporary. He reckons that a large number of kids at his 6th form in south west London carry knives. Apparently Labour government minister Ivan Lewis is today proposing 10 year sentences for carrying in the New of the World. The sentence for carrying a bladed weapon only went up from two years to four years on February 12th 2007 but even when it was “only” two years the criminal justice system was letting off 80% of offenders with non-custodial sentences. Posturing Labour MPs will not solve this problem. My kitchen hand will be safe when the first lad in his school gets sent down for 4 years for carrying. It will be hard on that first boy but every kid in the neighbourhood will instantly get safer.

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