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Ding dong the Tram is dead II

My Tram is dead, it cost £35 million for nothing, but this way I might get some votes in MayLast night Ealing council leader Jason Stacey and the Mayor made a joint announcement about the West London Tram (see announcements here and here). It is dead – as we have known for two weeks (see previous posting).

It is clear from the careful words used by Ealing that there is no desire to rub the Mayor’s nose in it but it is certainly a climbdown on his part. Although the decision is notionally dependent on the go-ahead for Crossrail the Tram is still stone dead.

Gordon Brown has spent 10 years as chancellor not deciding to go ahead with Crossrail in spite of it being a total no-brainer. Now he is Prime Minister he can get the kudos for giving it the go-ahead so it is most likely to go ahead this autumn as part of a pre-election bundle of goodies.

Even if Crossrail does not get the go-ahead as expected it will not be killed off, no-one wants to say to Londoners that they have to struggle on with poor public transport infrastructure. Now that the Mayor has backed down it will be impossible to resurrect the Tram whilst Crossrail is still hanging around in the wings.

The story made the front page of the Mayor’s website but the spin his team put on it is pretty funny:

Mayor of London and the leader of Ealing Council agree new solution to traffic congestion as deal on Crossrail approaches

Ealing Council was a little more straigtforward:

Tram plans shelved

Jason Stacey deserves the highest praise for the way he made this an election issue in May 2006 and then worked effectively over the last 15 months to box the Mayor in so that his only choice is to give in gracefully. Now he has won this great battle he can afford to be magnanimous.

3 replies on “Ding dong the Tram is dead II”

Yes credit is due to our Council Leader but there have been many, many other foot soldiers, the most prominent of which has to be Save Ealing Streets. SES mounted a magnificent campaign for years.

Also many residents and residents’ groups in three boroughs campaigned for years to stop the ridiculous tram scheme. So it’s right that we can celebrate the triumph – maybe Jason can buy the drinks at a celebration party in the Town Hall!


The difference is that Jason Stacey has properly represented the concerns of Ealing borough residents and business in stark comparison to the previous failed and subservient-to-Tfl Cudmore/Thomson Labour council, who although advocating rich diversity only delivered a utilitarian and costly result.
I won`t be relaxing until SES have circulated updates with possible outcomes as Congestion Ken prefers his easily manipulated instant Londoners to us long suffering natives!


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