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Mayor’s Tour de France ad spending cost £3 million

What gear are you on mate?Today I finally received a reply from TfL on how much they spent on advertising for the Tour de France. The answer is £3 million. I wrote to TfL, who were driving this for the Mayor, on 21st June to ask how much the total comms campaign was costing but they have sullenly refused to answer up until now in spite of making the following pledge:

We will do our best to send you a full written response within 15 working days. If we cannot give you a full answer in this time, we will send you an acknowledgement and then a full written response will follow.

Now it is all old hat and there is not much to lose in letting us know.

The Sunday Times reported that:

London has paid £1.5m to stage the opening stage of the Tour de France and spent another £4m on planning, transport and security.

So the total for the Tour de France is at least £8.5 million or more than £2 a head for all the 4 million people who reportedly came out to watch. This does not include Kent County Council’s spending which was significant.

I have written to the Mayor to ask him to outline the entire budget. I am sure I will get an answer after 20 working days as usual. It doesn’t matter how easy it is to answer a question the Mayor cynically holds it until 20 days elapsed to stifle public scrutiny of his behaviour.

4 replies on “Mayor’s Tour de France ad spending cost £3 million”

I have to say the Tour de France coming to London was fantastic. I think if you asked the people who attended the event most would agree that it was worth the £2 spent per spectator. As a daily bicycle commuter in London I believe the event has raised the awareness of London as a cycling friendly city and got quite a few people back on their bikes.



We all like a freebie but there are lots of people in London who find paying council tax, which includes the Mayor’s precept, a real trial. The Mayor loves spending our money like this but it is just a bribe – given by the Mayor to middle class bike riders paid for by people who would probably rather spend their own money on their own priorities.

Just to recap in 1999/2000, the year before the Mayor came into being, I was charged £129.07 for the Met and £45.95 for the London Fire Brigade. This year the GLA bill I pay will be £506.03. So the Mayor’s charge has gone up 2.89 times in eight years. Much of this rise has been driven by this kind of bribery.

The Romans had a term for this syle of corruption – bread and circuses.


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