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Mahfouz selected for Central Ealing & Acton

Bassam MaufouzEaling Times reported yesterday that local film star, Bassam Mahfouz, has been selected to fight against Angie Bray for the Ealing Central and Acton seat. As well as being a prominent Ealing councillor (he is the Labour transport and environment spokesman) he is a parliamentary researcher to Labour MPs Karen Buck and Stephen Pound.

Mahfouz is a bright, young (26) and combative councillor and one of the few that the Labour group can rely to string two words together at council meetings. He courted controversy recently when he tried to get the police involved in a scare-mongering line that the Hanwell community centre was closing.

The Lib Dem candidate is Jon Ball. It is great to see that Angie Bray has a decent opponent to get her teeth into – waffly Ball really wasn’t going to cut it.

As Mahfouz is young it is hard to criticise him for not having much experience outside politics. You can find out more about Mafouz here. It is effectively his personal blog but he had not updated at all in July.

One reply on “Mahfouz selected for Central Ealing & Acton”

It was not bright to declare that an announcement of closure of the old community centre had been made. The policeman, a touch too matey, who was explaining the likely Neighbourhood bases for Hobbayne & Elthorne wards, was egged on to suggest that the centre may not be available for a longterm lease. The policeman also stated that Hanwell Police Station wouldn`t accomodate a public reception and office because of priority granted to the C.I.D. and were looking at various shop leases.
He wasn`t in a position to ANNOUNCE closure and did NOT make an announcement. The whole episode was contrived NuLabour spin and either Mahfouz is devious or his lack of judgment is worrying!


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