Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Mayor creeps into Paris

Livingstone in Paris

The Mayor was in Paris this weekend on his latest holiday at our expense. He is pictured above presenting the prize to the winner of the thoroughly drug soaked Tour de France. No mention of it in any press release from the Mayor. Not picked up in British papers who were not tipped off by the Mayor’s numerous press staff. Could it be he is embarrassed? Probably.

The Mayor has got a lot of stick for busily visiting foreign countries over the last couple of years but not visiting many London Boroughs. He has also got lots of stick for flying all over the place whilst exhorting us to be green, see previous posting.

Only three weeks ago the Mayor was making a big splash about the Grand Depart (see here). How different it all looked then before the Tour de France turned into a drug-soaked farce? No wonder the Mayor is keeping a low profile in his summer suit.

As usual the Mayor cynically refuses to discuss the cost of his latest bread and circuses extravaganza for London. The Sunday Times reported that:

London has paid £1.5m to stage the opening stage of the Tour de France and spent another £4m on planning, transport and security.

What gear are you on mate?This does not include another of the Mayor’s large advertising campaigns. I wrote to TfL, who were driving this for the Mayor, on 21st June to ask how much the total comms campaign was costing but they have sullenly refused to answer in spite of making the following pledge:

We will do our best to send you a full written response within 15 working days. If we cannot give you a full answer in this time, we will send you an acknowledgement and then a full written response will follow.

Unless you are asking awkward questions that is.

One reply on “Mayor creeps into Paris”

Although close to home on this occasion his frequent unnecessary skiving trips abroad makes one realise that he isn`t represnting native Londoners but trying to appear like a local wherever he may be.
His whole mindset needs radically adjusting into helping English and assimilated communities in London from which he seems alienated judging by the council tax increases and mainly failing grandiose schemes!


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