Ealing Southall By-election

Curate’s egg

As an Ealing councillor I am pleased this morning that we held on to our Cleveland seat yesterday and increased our majority from 88 to 231. Well done to Greg Stafford and welcome to the Conservative group on Ealing council which is now 42 strong.

The Ealing Southall by-election was not such a pretty picture. Virendra Sharma was elected with 15,188 votes. The LibDems were second with 10,118 and Tony Lit came in 3rd on 8,230. This was a poor result for Labour with their majority cut drastically. In the long run the weakness of their candidate will become a huge issue for them. The guy is Piara Khabra II. Although in theory we had less votes than the general election the turn out was lower so we probably have not lost vote share. I am sure someone else will have done the maths by the morning. Now is not the time. It is clear the the LibDems did gain vote share and they have every reason to be pleased with themselves. Optimistic Tories will observe that by saving Ming Campbell’s bacon Nigel Bakhai has screwed the LibDems, who might be quite dangerous without him.

This by-election has given me two new topics to blog about. One will be how rubbish our new MP is. If you google Sharma you come up with nothing except he is a councillor, with a pretty atrocious attendance record, and a candidate and now MP. He is a man without distinction or opinion. Tonight at the count he had to be told to stand up for the cameras. He duly did as he was told. No doubt he will carry on doing what he is told in the tradition of Khabra. The second topic will be outlining what awful liars the LibDems have been during this campaign. I will be going though their leaflets and exposing the porkie pies.

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Yes, well done to the Tories. A fine performance and now you have the pleasure of 5 new colleagues on your benches. Cocktails all round.


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