Ex-Mayor Livingstone Tram

Ding dong the Tram is dead

Yesterday during Mayor’s Question Time the Mayor effectively announced the death of the West London Tram.

To see the exchange between Angie Bray, Conservative AM for West Central and PPC for the Ealing Central and Acton constituency, and the Mayor follow this link and move the slider to 2:34:35.

In answering a question the Mayor slipped into announcement mode and came out with:

If we get a decision from Ealing for some bus priority measures and we get the announcement as we are expecting in most probably September on Crossrail we will put the West London Tram on hold to see the impact of both bus priority measures and eventual opening of Crossrail and you come back to revisit the decision in the middle of the next decade.

People like me have been saying all along that we would be more sympathetic to the tram if we believed that the bus improvement option had been taken as far as it can be along the Uxbridge Road. Anyone driving down the Uxbridge and seeing delivery vans and people stopped with their hazards flashing knows that with some simple management measures this road could be vastly improved.

For one thing you have to be cynical about it not being a red route. I guess making it a red route would have undermined the case for the tram so the Uxbridge Road has been allowed to fail as a bus route by TfL to make the tram viable. Now the tram is dead we might see the Uxbridge Road working.

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