Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Mayor slams health and safety ‘barmy bureaucrats’

I can out-Boris BorisToday the Mayor has come over all Daily Mail and come out against “barmy bureaucrats”. Clearly he is trying to out-Boris Boris Johnson.

I have to agree with the Mayor. Whoever heard of a gasholder blowing up? I am sure that they could in theory but the HSE are yet again in danger of bringing the whole health and safety culture into disrepute.

I admire the Mayor for moving so quickly to intrude on Boris Johnson’s home turf of baffled bemusement as to the way the modern state works against its own citizens. I would say welcome on board Ken but it is only when a bit of the state the Mayor doesn’t control infringes on one of his voter groups that the Mayor manages to rouse himself.

Gouging tourists and irregular travellers with huge cash fares on public transport, fine.

Charging drivers £8 to drive in London, fine.

Making council tax payers pay 189% more compared to 2000, fine.

Making business pay unnecessary LEZ charges, fine.

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