Ealing Southall By-election

Tory vote share holds up

Having only had 3 hours sleep I am still somewhat grumpy this morning. My gloom was raised somewhat by looking at the vote share last night compared with the general election in 2005.

Ealing Southall vote share 2007With a lower turnout Labour are the big losers losing 7 points. The LibDems are the big gainers picking up 3 points as did Others. The Tories are small gainers, having picked up 1 point.

The Tory vote share went up! It was only marginal and it doesn’t feel great but the numbers look better than they might have this morning. For all the reported mistakes made by the Tory campaign over the last three weeks we managed to stop the LibDems creating momentum.

Hidden in the Others figure above is a very poor result for the Greens. Vote share down from 4.6% to 3.1%.

One reply on “Tory vote share holds up”

in by election terms the figures of -7% and +3% are not ‘big’ at all.In fact they are unusually small…particularly in a seat where the LDs are second…whether that is a Tory triumph or LD failure is a matter for debate…..


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