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Ferrari Mayor

Both the FT and BBC Radio 4’s Saturday PM this afternoon covered the Tories’ problems with an open primary for the London Mayoral candidate and the possible involvement of Nick Ferrari among others.

Ferrari’s position seems to be that really good candidates (like him obviously) are too busy doing real stuff to bother with campaigning until maybe the start of 2008. I think that if people can’t make a commitment to London and the Tories sooner than that then we should not consider them. It may well be that we cannot recruit a big hitter but it is better to accept this sooner rather than later. With this rolling process of deadlines that will not hold it makes it too big a risk for ANYONE to apply because they are likely to have the legs cut from under them by the central party if the panjandrums don’t like the candidate. Isn’t the point of an open primary that Londoners choose from a wide field?

The party should set out a timetable and stick to it. A low key candidate will gather momentum if they get to work and the party gets behind them sooner rather then later.

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As someone who stuck his head over this parapet last time, I think I can see the problem here. Basically, the party at the centre are actually not sure what they want from their candidate – is this a job for a former cabinet minister (big hitter) or is it an opportunity for a bright newcomer to shine on a very big stage? The presence of Livingstone for the past six years has not helped, because he is a unique individual, so it is still difficult to draw a conclusion as to what sort of person the job actually needs.

In the absence of any real thinking on the matter we are left with the ‘magic wand’ solution (let’s find a celebrity) or the ostrich solution (let’s abolish the whole lot). We should expect better of CCHQ.

At the present rate, we are sleepwalking towards another Norris candidacy.


I can think of no worse fate for London than having Nick Ferrari as mayor. Also if he scraps congestion charging, how is he going to pay for all these high flying private sector directors he intends to bring in. And he only plans to serve one term which means he will be unable to see anything through. The guy hasn’t got a clue. He can talk but heaven help us if he cons Londoners into handing him the reigns because his successor will have one hell of a mess to clear up and Londoners will have a massive debt to pay.


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