Ealing Police Station no shock shock

The Gazette headline today was “Ealing Police Station closing shock”. There was perhaps less shock amongst those, including senior councillors on both sides of the political divide and representatives of community groups, who attended the Ealing Community & Police Consultative Group on 24th May, see previous posting. The Borough Commander, Collette Paul, talked about the likely closure of Ealing Police Station in response to questions raised about customer services issues. Although I made notes of the meeting at the time I did not record any adverse comment. My admittedly dim recollection is that the issue was pretty uncontroversial.

If the Gazette and our local Labour MPs want to keep in touch with developments in policing then they might want to turn up to these meetings. In their defence I might have to accept that the meetings are not very well publicized. There is no website for the group itself and nothing on the council’s or the Met’s websites.

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