Ealing and Northfield

Fly-tipping service works

Delivering leaflets this week I came across a couple of fly-tips and decided to test out the fly-tipping service. I have had cause to phone them before but I have never before systematically checked what they do.

On Tuesday I saw builders rubble in Waldemar Avenue and Derwent Road. I called them both in. On Wednesday afternoon when I went out leafleting again I noticed that the Waldemar Avenue fly-tip, about 6 yellow bags of builders rubble, had gone, but the Derwent Road one was still there. I was doing other things on Thursday but I went out leafleting for the last time on Friday lunchtime and the Derwent Road fly-tip, this time about 8 bags of rubble, had gone too.

The service is not perfect. But it works. If you have a fly-tip in your street then call 020 8825 6000 and it will probably be gone the next day. I know it is a pain but if we all work together we can clean up the neighbourhood.

I am on holiday for the next five days so I will be offline until Thursday 9th November.

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