Something happened in Worthing

Worthing War MemorialI was bought up in Worthing and my parents still live there. Thankfully it is the kind of place where nothing much happens.

When young people, such as I was growing up, say that nothing ever happens around here they miss the fact that everyone is getting on with each other, enjoying life and exchanging the small kindnesses that make life good.

With the sea in front and the South Downs behind, Brighton just down the road for a night out and London within striking distance for high culture Worthing was a great place to grow up.

I hope that it was only a bored and ignorant teenager who defaced Worthing’s war memorial last night and that it was not something more sinister. Even if it was just stupity it has caused too much pain.

I nicked the photo, above right, from a BBC article.

One reply on “Something happened in Worthing”

I also grew up in Worthing – my parents still live there and they probably always will. It is a pleasant place to be; quiet, neat, restrained seaside town.
It sounds like you never noticed but it does have a darker side: the National Front had and possibly still do have, their headquarters in Worthing. When I was with my friends in town on a Saturday the NF were quite often standing outside Boots trying to rally support.
I also witnessed a French exchange student being kicked to the ground one evening by Worthing ‘lads’.
I always felt, especially after I moved to london, that the ‘yoof’ in Worthing thought that they were the centre of the universe – really they knew they were not and so they all felt they had something to prove.
A friend of mine from Antigua had his throat slit in Worthing by the local ‘lads’ – small kindnesses do not stand up to hate like that.
I think there is a rather nasty under current in Worthing and I think it’s been there some years. Painting swastikas on the War Memorial is pretty mild compared to what i have seen and know of in Worthing.
I do think it was a sad and mindless thing but I also think that it is an indicator of the evil, narrow minded, self-important bigotry that truly exists in the innocent seaside town.


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