Ealing and Northfield Public sector waste

Nice little earner

Maybe Martin Beecroft, one of our £18,000 a year Labour Councillors, was misquoted on the front page of the Ealing & Acton Gazette this morning. Talking about how much debt interest would cost us next year he was quoted as saying: “5.8% of the money the council earns would go to paying just the interest on the debt, which will be around £24m in a single year”. I would just like to point out to Beecroft that the Council don’t earn nothing. Every year they do their sums and work out how much they are going to take off us. It isn’t earning, its taxing! Beecroft, responsible for finance, rated only adequate by the Audit Commission, is trying to kid us that he is doing a good job when the council tax is about to rise at twice the rate of inflation and the Council’s debt is about to go up £87 million in just one year.

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