Ealing and Northfield Public sector waste

Council tax rises on the front page

Both the Telegraph and the Times have been highlighting more large council tax increases due to be announced over the next few weeks across the country. In Ealing we are looking at 4.4-4.9%. As the Telegraph says this will be the 10th successive year of above inflation rises.

The Conservative MP Eric Pickles has been sounding off, quite rightly, about the divergence in English and Scottish increases: 84% in England since Labour came to power as opposed to 40% in Scotland. Pensions have only increased by about 35% in the same period so English pensioners have been roasted by a combination of Government pushing inadequately funded responsibilities onto councils whilst councils themselves have kept up spending on their pet projects and let bills creep up.

In London the ludicrous Labour Mayor has ramped up his charge by 175% in seven years.

In Ealing the Labour council can only get its rise down below the capping level by borrowing £1,600 per household over two years.

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