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More police promises

Londoner March 2006.gifThe Mayor’s £3 million a year freesheet, The Londoner, arrived on my doormat this morning. This was the so-called March 2006 edition. The front page lead story promised: “All London wards will have own police teams in place within weeks”. It went on to say: “Every neighbourhood in London will have its own dedicated police team by the beginning of next month”. This means our Borough Commander has to have 60 new officers in place in just 6 weeks. Four officers promised in the 15 out 23 Ealing wards that still have no team.

I have seen no announcements of detail in local press and there are no notices up at Ealing Police Station. On the other hand this is the third week running that the Ealing & Acton Gazette has run a full page ad puffing the Safer Neighbourhoods initiative. Maybe the Mayor’s £3 billion a year is getting spent on adverts and The Londoner rather than your actual police!

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