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How big is Onkar Sahota’s business?

Politician cum friendly neighbourhood GP Onkar Sahota has a large-scale doctoring business although he is somewhat opaque about it as we shall see.

FHP Group Website

This screenshot from his Family Health Practices Group website summarises three surgeries under one banner of which one has closed down recently.

The Family Health Practices Group and other similar names don’t have any legal meaning, they are merely trading names of a business called Healthcare 360 which is entirely owned by Onkar Sahota as the Companies House annual return confirms. The Care Quality Commission shares the same view as me of Sahota’s business structure.

Last year, for the first time, the NHS published a spreadsheet listing the NHS Payments to GPs in England in 2013-14.

If you search through this spreadsheet you will find the following entries:

  • Y01221 Somerset Family Health, 76 Somerset Road £416,275.68
  • E85051 Greenford Avenue Fhp, 322 Greenford Avenue £567,481.64
  • E85731 Hanwell Health Centre, 20 Church Road £384,250.70

Adding these three together you get a grand total of £1.368 million.

Since these numbers were published Sahota has folded the Hanwell business into the Greenford one.

These numbers don’t include any private work his business might do and they might be reduced by the Hanwell change. Anyway £1.4 million is a reasonable figure for the size of Sahota’s business.

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