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Today I visited Onkar Sahota’s squalid HMO in Southall

The Labour Assembly Member for Ealing & Hillingdon, Onkar Sahota, is a large scale property investor. I have so far found 11 properties that he has an interest in. Four private homes, two doctors’ surgeries, the land he has left derelict at 42 Lower Boston Road for ten years and four flats organised as a registered HMO (LN/000014753) in the centre of Southall. Strangely although the site is formally registered as an HMO with the council it is not registered in Sahota’s name but that of a relative. Land Registry confirms though that Sahota and his wife own the site.

Sahota HMO front elevation

I visited the Southall site today and took these photos. I have tried not to identify the site too precisely as there will be people living there potentially. I hope not.

SAhota HMO front door

The front door looks very neglected.

Sahota HMO worn front hall

Peering through the glass of the front door the worn carpet and handrail paint a bleak picture.


The rubbish strewn rear is similarly sad looking.

Could Onkar Sahota be one of the landlords that Sadiq Khan intends to “name and shame”?

One reply on “Today I visited Onkar Sahota’s squalid HMO in Southall”

As a resident of Southall I am appalled but not surprised. Who are the landlords of these squalid houses and flats?

All of these properties are in multiple occupation The landlords do not care about the welfare of the tenants.

Dr Sahota and local MP – Will you be naming and shaming the landlords of Southall?

And Mr Khan has gone on record saying he will be naming in shaming the rogue landlords I think you should start in Southall first.

Labour has failed Southall.


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